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If you are ready to get started and begin your site feasibility analysis, here’s what you can expect:

A Site Feasibility Analysis will cost $299 and you will receive a full report covering the following steps (all projects start with this step).

Speak with Peter by phone to obtain a high-level view of what is wanted and needed. You will receive another follow up call to review all the necessary information related to your project goals. 

With each site being different and having a unique set of challenges, our team wants to ensure your property has sufficient accessibility for construction and equipment, available space for the building envelope, properly graded terrain, and foresee any obstacles that could prevent or delay the project.

We will review all of the pertinent zoning rules and regulations for your specific parcel to determine if your project is permissible and what requirements need to be met.

Projects are different in the County or City of Santa Fe and so are the rules and regs. We will find out exactly how large of a project is possible, addressing specific items like height restrictions, setbacks from property lines, parking requirements, utilities, construction builds etc.. 

You can make your site feasibility analysis payment via PayPal or mail a check. The site analysis will begin once payment is received.

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Site Feasibility Analysis

Together, we'll discover what we can build for you
$ 299 Plus TAX (8.4375%) = $324.23

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