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What We Do

Arete Dwelling Units builds free standing structures on your property creating more livable space.

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What We Build

Any free standing structure includes complete guest homes, casitas, studios, gyms, offices, classrooms, workshops and any combination of these. We like to call these structures Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU).

How We Build

We design and build each home with a focus on the following key features:

Longevity and Low Maintenance

We use Anderson 100 Windows and Sliding Doors. Choosing to use higher quality materials from the start produces a structure that holds up better to the elements and rigors of life, requiring less overall maintenance over the life of its existence.
Anderson windows and doors

Low Consumption

Our homes are very water and energy efficient and usually have a HERS rating in the low 50s. Which means the home is 47+/- percent more efficient than the standard new home being built today in the US.

Aging In Place

We take into consideration how to build for all generations. Our standard bathroom contains a seat height toilet, stepless walk in shower with a bench and both handheld hardware and fixed shower head. Pathways and doors are wider. Door hardware is lever style vs knob or thumb.
larger bathroom for larger guest house
guest house with kitchenette


All of this, goes to more usability for a longer life without having to modify, means one is getting more bang for their buck. In addition, the home is more sustainably built. Using less waste, requiring less energy, water, and maintenance, makes the home easier on the owner and the planet. Doesn’t that feel good for a change?!


Maximization when it comes to using every inch of the home for the owner. We build in more storage areas anywhere we can to utilize every square inch of the home.
Guest house with kitchenette

For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

We stand behind each home from top to bottom and corner to corner for the first year. In fact, we like to check in with the homeowner around month three to make any repairs and touch ups from the move in. We will do this again around month 11 because we like the home to go through as many seasons as possible. Here again, making any touch ups required. The warranties do not end here. The home's system components like HVAC, Water heater, appliances, fixtures, windows and doors and the roof all carry their manufacturer warranty for more years.

How It Works

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1. Site Feasibility Analysis
Give us an idea of what you are wanting to build, and we will come out to inspect the site assessing things like access and more. We then review your location with the City/County authority to see what is possible on your parcel. We’ll deliver a report to you showing you what is possible for your site. Maximum lot coverage, buildable area, setbacks, height restrictions, water quotas, parking and more.

select a plan for your ADU
the building process of an ADU
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tell us how we did building your ADU

2. Select your floor plan.

Select or combine options to create your floor plan, then select finishes.

3. Design and build.

Have architectural work completed to site the home to the land. Submit for permit. Build the home in about 4 months from the time of breaking ground.

4. Move in.

Start enjoying your new space with the reassurance that Arete Homes is right there with you. You can expect to hear from us to do a warranty check one year later.

5. Share your experience.

Write a review of your good experience.

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Who is Arete Dwelling Units?
Arete Dwelling Units builds free standing structures on your property creating more livable space.

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